Google Analytics Segments – Semalt Practice

When it comes to discussing Google analytics with others, you must have heard "I am looking for tips," "I have never used Google analytics," and other similar things. Artem Abgarian, the Semalt expert, states that it is important to use segments in Google Analytics if you want to gain a sufficient number of visitors to your website.

What's a segment?

In Google Analytics, a segment is a special type of data or technique that gives you an idea of the quality of your traffic. Google analytics offers us a lot of chances to improve the overall performance of the site and the sessions as well as the bounce rate of the users. If you want to have an idea of what type of pages or articles are getting more views and how many organic views your site is getting, you should do that using GA segments. That would also help you narrow your data so that you can get more specific and well-versed results than before.

Why do you need segments?

Let me here tell you that your website and its data cannot be protected or properly aggregated without segmentation. This can help you draw the right conclusions. Experts say that all data and information in aggregate is crap, so you must get segmentation. For instance, if you want to ensure the quality of your site's visitors, you must divide your Google Analytics and its data into segments and create relevant filters. The data is so aggregated that you cannot build any strategies without proper segmentation. You may continue promoting your website and products online, but there is no use as you are not going to get any sales or user engagement.

How to create a segment in Google Analytics?

If you want to build segments in Google Analytics, the first thing you need to do is edit the filters and rename them based on the nature of your site. Let me here tell you that segments are easy to edit, delete or rename, but you cannot remove the actual data as this can damage your website by the whole. For many of us, it has never been important to create segments, but without it, you cannot be assured of getting quality traffic from the search engines.

Types of segments

There are two main types of segments, system segments, and custom segments. System segments are that that offer fixed features and options in Google Analytics and they cannot be altered once created. They can, however, be adjusted with your landing pages as well as social media profiles. System segments are useful as they are mobile-friendly and can get you lots of views from mobile devices. Custom segments are more complicated and less popular than the system segments. They also offer various options to choose from in Google Analytics. For example, you can create segments that filter out the visitors that spend less than thirty seconds on your website. It is also possible to create segments to get country-targeted views on your web pages. All this will improve the overall performance of your site, and the quality of your traffic would get improved by the whole.